Joined the  RAAF In 1960 on 14 Radio Apprentice Course and attended Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. On graduation in September 1962 as a RADTECH Air was posted to 10Sqn Townsville working on Neptunes.  Attended night School to obtain the Leaving Certificate.

In late 1964 posted to 78 Wing Butterworth (478Sqn,79Sqn,77Sqn,3Sqn) While there learnt to fly at the Penang Flying Club.

In December 1966 posted to 34Sqn and worked on Viscount, Convair, Mystere 20, BAC111, HS748.

In October 1967 posted to 1BFTS at Point Cook on No 68 Pilot's Course.  On graduation in February 1969 posted to 38Sqn Richmond on Caribous. 1971 posted to 35 Sqn Vietnam. On return to Australia posted to back to 38 Sqn Richmond.

In 1972 the Air Force realised that they had a surplus of pilots so from 1973 -1975 attended Civil Schooling completing a BAppSc in Canberra.

On completion of the degree in 1975 posted to SAN at East Sale on HS748 then 34Sqn flying Mystere 20 from 1978-1979.

Promoted to SQNLDR in 1980 and posted to Maintenance Sqn East Sale as an Engineering Officer. Late 1980 resigned and joined Civil Aviation Safety Authority as an Airways Surveyor.

In 1989 joined QANTAS and  retired in 2006.

Living  in Sydney for the last 28 years.

Married Carolyn in 1969 - 2 sons - 2 grandchildren.