Fighter Pilot, Vietnam Veteran, Fighter Combat Instructor.

My long and illustrious history in the RAAF

Bruce’s fascination with planes started as a kid after a visit to the Sydney Show Ground Expo whereupon passing the French Pavillion stand noticed a Sabre jet parked in the evening light. It was at that moment he turned to his father and said ‘I want to fly that’. His father then chuckled and replied with ‘by the time you join the airforce this aircraft will no longer be in use’.

Bruce flew the Sabre for a few years in Southeast Malaysia and Thailand in 1968-69 and regularly rubbed his father’s nose in it.

He then transferred to Mirages at Williamtown where he also trained to be a Forward Air Controller.  Consequently in 1971, he was posted to Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller flying OV10 Broncos.

Upon returning to flying duties on Mirages, Bruce was posted to the UK for a Weapons Course followed by a Fighter Combat Instructors Course at Williamtown where he trained new fighter pilots.

Bruce then had a change of air and did an exchange tour with the USAF flying A7D Corsair 2 aircraft out of Davis Monthan Air Force Base at Tucson Arizona.

After becoming a Squadron Leader in 1977, he returned to Mirages at Williamtown set up the RAAF Weapons School, and then came a long association with F18 Hornets. 

In1994, when Bruce retired, he had served over 30 years in the RAAF forming a long and illustrious history.