JACK LYNCH, MBE, Wing Commander (Ret'd)

Jack Lynch  a Fighter Pilot, Huey Gunship pilot, RF 4C Phantom and F111 pilot, and  Aviation Services business owner.  A life of aviation with many sometimes dangerous, always exciting, challenges but also with a lot of job satisfaction.

In the Australian Air Force, Jack operationally flew:

·      Iroquois helicopters (1 year in Vietnam, mainly on gunships);

·      Sabre and Mirage jet fighters;

·      RF 4C Phantom jets as exchange instructor with the United States Air Force; and

·      F/RF-111C jets at RAAF Base Amberley.


In his business, he specialized in aerial photography, charter/commuter, and aviation consulting. He now lives in Brisbane, pursuing a career as a writer, aviation consultant and pilot mentor. He is now in the process of qualifying as a Remote Pilot for commercial drone operations.


For contributions to Aviation, Jack was awarded an MBE and a Master Air Pilot Certificate by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, London.