Sandy Main has unique experiences on Helicopters from Vietnam to Papua New Guinea and then with the Royal Malaysian Air Force.  He did 2 tours with the United Nations on Helicopters

He was also involved with the introduction of the Black Hawk into the Australian Army.  He finally flew choppers commercially.

Sandy Main joined the RAAF as a pilot in 1968 and was posted to fly Iroquois (Hueys) at 5 Squadron.

In 1969, He was posted to 9 Squadron Vietnam flying mostly Gunships.

Vietnam was a big and exciting challenge.  His next challenge was different and in Papua New Guinea choppering bridge materiel.  Papua New Guinea is renowned for very difficult terrain to fly in.  These were the start of a long career in helicopters.

Listen to Sandy as he tells you about the challenging, exciting and sometimes dangerous life of a Chopper Pilot.