Introducing Squadron Leader (ret) Peter Bradford.  The Australian Air Force needs personnel who can adapt to whatever type of demanding operations that they are chosen for.  Peter Bradford, and his mate Peter Armstrong, who features in a fellow Podcast, represent the best in pilots who were chosen to fly many different aircraft types and operated them in a manner that excelled.

In this Podcast, listen in as Peter Bradford describes is life flying Iroquois helicopters in Vietnam where the sound of the Huey was not only a welcome sound but on occasions for Army personnel was the difference between life and death.  Then listen again as Peter describes his stint on C130 Hercules followed by stints on fast jet instruction, VIP BAC 1-11, DC8s and then to Qantas.

In Peter’s words:  As I age, I sometimes have to pinch myself to realise what a fortunate life I have had.

For a boy from the bush and humble background, flying Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, Heads of State,  and the late Duke of Edinburgh who was endorsed on the BAC1-11.  I was to offer him to fly the aircraft. I also admit to flying Prime Minister Mugabe for 5 days. 

I accepted an offer of a position with QANTAS. Instructing on the B747-200/300 was a challenge.  In 1990, I was given the opportunity to line fly on the B744.

At the beginning of 1996 the opportunity to leave QANTAS and crew a Douglas DC-8 for Kerry Packer  was too good to refuse. What an adventure!! Saw lots of Las Vegas.   Not long after the death of Kerry,  I returned to QANTAS. 

In my 77th year, a fortunate life indeed.