Squadron Leader (ret)  Peter Armstrong

Introducing Squadron Leader (ret)  Peter Armstrong.  The Australian Air Force needs personnel who can adapt to whatever type of demanding operations that they are chosen for.  Peter Armstrong, and his mate Peter Bradford, who features in a fellow Podcast, represent the best in pilots who were chosen to fly many different aeroplane types and operated them in a manner that excelled.

In this Podcast, listen in as Peter Armstrong describes is life flying Iroquois helicopters in Vietnam where the sound of the Huey was not only a welcome sound but on occasions for Army personnel was the difference between life and death.

Peter also talks about his stint on C130 Hercules followed by stints on fast jet instruction, Boeing 707s, DC8s and then to Qantas.

Pete joined RAAF in Aug 68 and ended up on the first all through jet training on the Macchi which was brand new.

He left the Air Force in May 85 after which I joined the  Air Force Reserve with 33Sqn again and requalified as Qualified Flying Instructor on Boeing 707s.

He retired from the RAAF Reserve in October 94

Pete then worked in Qantas as a Boeing 747 simulator instructor for 3 years before becoming Second officer flying Kerry Packer’s DC8.  He then rejoined Qantas as simulator instructor on Boeing 767s and Airbus A330s until retirement.