Introducing Brian Lawrence. Air Force Warrant Officer 

Brian joined the Air Force in January 1961 and qualified as an Engine Mechanic and then as an Engine Fitter.  He was posted to No 2 Aircraft Depot.

In July 1964, Brian was posted to 38 Squadron and then onward to Vietnam.  Besides 1ots of paperwork and passports, he was issued with a World War 2 tin hat, pocket knife and lanyard

On arrival at Tan Son Nhut Airport, Brian was amazed at the number of aircraft on the ground.  In his words “Thousands”.  He said “A Caribou was there to take us to Vung Tau.  We soon got rid of our old tin hats and were taken to the United States Army store and issued with Yankee tin hats and new M14 rifles with 4 magazine’s”.

Work was 7 days a week at first to maintain the aircraft.  Later when more troops arrived a night shift was started. 

After many adventures, trials and tribulations in Vietnam, Brian returned to 38 Squadron in Australia.  He was again selected to go back to Vietnam in September 1965 but he then had the opportunity to go to New Guinea instead. 

On return from New Guinea, he was posted to No 3 Aircraft Depot at Amberley working on Sabre Aircraft.

Brian elected discharge in January 1967 and then reenlisted in July 1969.

In January 1972, Brian was posted to 482 Squadron Amberley working on Phantom Aircraft. 

In July 1973, he was attached to McClellan Air Force Base for the acceptance and the second ferry of F111’s to Amberley.

He retired as a Warrant Officer Engineer.