Brian Richards, ex Australian Air Force Engine Fitter and Vietnam Veteran Caribou Loadmaster/Flight Engineer.

Brian graduated from the RAAF School of Technical Training in 1959.  He signed up for 15 years when only 16 years old.

By August 1963, Brian had completed 4 years in aircraft maintenance jobs and then signed on as a Loadmaster on DHC4 Caribous.  Brian departed for Toronto, Canada in March 1964 for Conversion course and to participate in ferrying the second three Caribous to Australia.  The ferry flight took 4 weeks, arriving RAAF Base Richmond, June 1964.

In August 1964, Brian was posted for 12 months to RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam as a Loadmaster, Caribous.  It was the first deployment of Caribous into Vietnam and the establishment of operations placed the unit under huge pressure where resourcefulness and hard work made what became known as Wallaby Airlines a very successful and renowned unit amongst Aussies and Allies. 

In September 1965, Brian travelled to Toronto Canada again to ferry another Caribou to Richmond.

Brian began another testing adventure in January 1966 when he joined the newly formed RAAF Detachment A, PNG.

He then resumed his Air Force career as an Engine Fitter, culminating in March 1971 with a posting to RAAF School Technical Training as a Technical Training instructor.  He was back where he started but this time imparting his knowledge.

Brian discharged from the RAAF in January 1973 at the end of his 15 years.

He then work with Transavia, building the Transavia Air Truck and then became a Cummins Diesel instructor.

In 1977, Brian joined the NSW Bush Fire Brigade and is still a member.