Reflection of K Block, Support Command ……by Lorraine Folkes

I would like to share one of the happy times one of many that I had whilst working for the RAAF.  My husband was in the RAN and he was posted to HMAS Cerebus in the early 70's, as I was working at 2SD I applied and was fortunate to receive a transfer to RAAF Support Command at Victoria Barracks in Melbourne.

Well I fitted in straight away it was a great place to work and we worked in a little old weatherboard building called "K" Block.  Our immediate bosses were a Squadron Leader and a Flt Lt, both very nice.  Well this particular summer we were getting very very hot weather (not that it bothered the rest of us).  Any way this day the Flt Lt was complaining bitterly about the heat, he came to my desk and said "Lorraine I will be back shortly".  Upon his return he went straight to his office and approximately half an hour later called me into his office.  "Come in Lorraine come in" "isn't this wonderful" Well I was quite surprised as in the window was a beautiful air conditioner and the Flt Lt was in his glory.  "Feel how beautiful and cool it is in here now Lorraine" I replied "Sir did you go into the city and buy it", "Oh no he replied I went to the RAAF stores and requisitioned it"

Well the next day suddenly the workman turned up and out of the window came the air conditioner the workman were escorted by a Group Captain who in no uncertain terms told the poor Flt Lt he didn't care how hot he felt he was not having the air conditioner as not even the Air Vice Marshall had one, though needless to say the Air Vice Marshall did not work in K block.

I thought I would share this as it still makes me laugh when I think of the poor Flt Lt and his lovely air conditioner. 

Lorraine Folkes