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Suggy's Men 2nd Edition

This release details the stories of Suggy’s Men – members of the RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam – 20 July 1964 – 8 April 1965. This was the first RAAF unit in Vietnam. It is an anthology of stories compiled by Don Pollock.

This book is the recognition of the contributions made by many members of the RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam, who had the privilege of serving under the Commanding Officer of RTFV at the time, Squadron Leader Chris Sugden (Suggy). These contributions varied enormously but mainly of words and photographs. Many of the contributions were made by members who are no longer with us, and for those we are enteranlly grateful. Our thanks to the Sugden Family for their Support.

This release is dedicated to the Men of RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam (RTFV) 1964-65 – Also to the families, loved ones, friends and supporters of those who served.

Book for sale
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Andrew Delfosse Badgery

Australia’s most significant aviation pioneer

by Squadron Leader Peter Badgery and Group Captain Milton Cottee AFC

This  excellent biography of Delfosse has been constructed from detailed notes from his diary and recounts his early working life; his travel to England to learn to fly; construction of the first Australian built aircraft; exhibition flying over Sydney and Tasmania; military service in the Middle East with the Australian Flying Corps; instructing in England; and finally, return to Australia.

Delfosse sailed to England in September 1913 to learn to fly at Hendon aerodrome. Flying instruction was conducted with the instructor walking beside the aircraft during the taxiing phase.  The pilot flew for the first time conducting very short “flights” at five feet or so above the ground within the boundaries of the airfield. The description of his first flight, a circuit around the airfield, is vividly recounted.

Descriptions of his early flights capture his sense of accomplishment while revealing the dangers of early flight,  highlighted during his first cross country flight from Sutton Forrest to Goulbourn. The biography provides a wonderful insight into the blossoming world of flight in single seat, flimsy aircraft that could only get airborne if the wind was gentle and there was little turbulence.

Most Australians have never heard of Andrew Delfosse Badgery. He was a quiet unassuming man who never sought public recognition, and as a result has been largely bypassed with the passage of history. Delfosse is well worthy of public acclamation as a significant Australian aviation pioneer. He was an exciting aviator and the book contains many photographs of his flying exploits. An excellent read.