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Eligibility for RAAFA NSW membership

The Air Force Association Association seeks to attract serving and recently discharged ex-RAAF personnel to enjoy the camaraderie and mateship that comes from having been in the RAAF, and contribute to the support and welfare we provide for our colleagues.

Defence Family

Who is eligible to join

All military personnel serving and post-service regardless of active operational experience. In addition, membership has now been broadened to include members and former members of any air force or an air element of a defence force as well as spouses, widows, offspring and siblings of members of the Association.  Also welcome are members of the Australian Air Force Cadets, the Australian Air League and similar organisations and/or individuals having an interest in military aviation.

  • are eighteen (18) years or older, and
  • are / have been a member of the air component of a Defence Force, or
  • have a family connection with a person meeting the criteria above, or
  • have a genuine interest in military aviation, or
  • are able and willing to further the Association's objectives.

Membership of Air Force Association NSW provides personal and material benefits derived through:

  • Face to Face Advice and Advocacy support, particularly concerning Veterans Affairs matters.
  • Make representation to Government bodies on matters affecting ex-Service personnel.
  • Assisting families during times of hardship.
  • Moving On (Transition to civilian life including new employment) one on one coaching.
  • Provide assistance to navigate government processes to access DVA support.
  • Promotion of social activities.
  • Promotion of commemorative events.
  • Promote the preservation of military aviation heritage.
  • Provide support for media coverage.
  • Support Australia's air power.
  • Honour the memory of fallen friends through commemorative events.
  • Regular communication through our quarterly newsletter.
  • All members receive our high-quality aviation WINGS magazine.

How to join

If you would like to join you can complete an online membership application by clicking on this link:

Membership Application

Follow the form and instructions, click "Submit Application". You will receive an email detailing payment instructions and membership point of contact information.

Alternatively, applications may be submitted by mail and you can download and complete a membership application form here:

Printed Membership Application Form

If you have a specific branch you would like to belong to, the Branches page provides contact persons and location to help you choose.

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